Finding the Best Passive Income Ideas To Earn A Living

best passive income ideas

If you are like most people you are always on the hunt for the best passive income ideas. In fact, even when not on the hunt, most people are working hard to generate some form of passive or residual income stream. Honestly, although, passive income sounds like a bit of a leprechaun – a mythical, mystical creature that gives you money without you needing to work for it, well, it’s not. But passive income in general, and residual income in particular, are the real thing. The question then becomes what is passive and what is residual? In this article, we will look at both terms and explain exactly how they apply to your situation.

Passive Income

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Before you can understand the difference between passive and residual income, you first need to understand what passive income streams actually are. The best passive income ideas are not really ideas at all. They are simply earning residual or passive income from work you have already done. For example, say you are a writer. You earn residual or passive income from writing content that other people actually pay other writers to write.

Example of Passive Work

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This is just one example. Any job you hold or any part-time activity you participate in can be turned into passive or residual income. Some jobs, such as retail sales or administrative work can even be considered passive because you don’t have to physically go to the job; the work is done for you by someone else. In this way, earning income from your savings accounts is also passive.


Another example of a passive or residual income stream is investing. Residual income can be earned through investment property investment, rental properties, and investments in the stock market. All of these ways are great for building a steady flow of cash that can help you meet any financial needs. These are only three of the many different ways you can earn passive income. There are literally hundreds of different ways to earn a few extra dollars per month or per week.

Options In Passive Income Ideas

Some common passive types of income include the commercial properties option, the rental properties option, and the option. Commercial properties are when you buy or build commercial properties that will eventually be used as rental properties. Commercial properties can be used for any number of different business ventures, from hotels to apartment complexes, to shopping centers, or office buildings. Reips are basically selling products or services, such as re-branding goods, or selling products that were previously sold on eBay or another auction site. You can choose to invest in both commercial and re-branded properties and earn an income from them.

Stock Markets

Many people start out investing their own personal money in rental properties and end up quitting the day job. This is simply because they don’t have the time, or interest, to devote to truly passive investing. If you enjoy the stock market, you can invest in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, and make a passive profit from them.

Real Estate Investment

Another great thing to do with passive types of income is to invest in real estate investment properties. You can buy homes, condominiums, apartments, offices, and a variety of other properties. The great thing about investing in real estate is that you can rent them out to tenants for a percentage of the initial purchase price. If you have the knowledge and skills to fix up the properties, you can sell them to investors at a nice profit. Reversely, if you don’t have the expertise, you can rent the properties out to tenants who are less experienced and more likely to appreciate the property. Either way, you can make a profit in real estate investment properties.


The idea of passive-type income is much better suited to an individual investor. The reason is that it requires less effort than actively investing but requires more knowledge and skills. With this type of venture, you will be required to seek out specific niches within the market, learn how to manage your investments, and learn the ins and outs of making good investments. You may even need to obtain a license in order to invest in real estate investment real estate.

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