Mutual Fund Growth Dividend And Its Type

Mutual Fund Growth Dividend

A lot of people have started to make investments in mutual funds now. And they are safe and can help you in making a lot from your investments. Further, they are categorized based on various characteristics that they perform. However, the major characteristics are the returns that they offer you. And when we talk about the returns, mutual fund growth dividend is of two types. The two types are growth mutual funds and dividend mutual funds.

Whenever you invest your money in mutual funds, the fund manager invests your money in equity, debt, and other money market instruments. However, many people invest their money in a combination of these.

Growth Mutual Fund

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They are the most famous type of mutual funds available in the market. Further, most of the investments are made in these only. Also, the earnings made from this are either invested back to the funds. Or people prefer to hold the cash to invest them later.

Further, in this investment, you make money by selling the funds you are holding. These types of funds have a considerable advantage over the dividend mutual funds, and that is compounding.

Whenever you make money through these funds, you reinvest it into these funds only. Thus, the cycle continues, and it runs as long as the investor does not pull their money out of it. However, mutual fund growth requires patience, but over the years, they can make you profitable.

Thus, if you are dependent on this money, you will have to sell some of the units. But it will reduce the amount that you have invested in the funds. Therefore, it will affect the compounding process.

Dividend Mutual Fund

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They share almost every similarity with mutual fund growth, such as allocation, fund manager, and objective. However, the only difference is that they tend to pay a dividend to their investors. But these dividend is not fixed as it is upon the fund manager how much dividend he wishes to pay. He can decide its frequency and amount. However, it is usually paid monthly and quarterly.

They are opted by people as they offer a set amount of dividends after regular intervals. However, they tend to show results on a slow scale compared to the growth of mutual funds.

Also, these funds start to pay back quickly. Thus, people who wish to invest but are dependant on that money can opt for these funds. It offers capital protection to the investor along with regular pay off of dividends.


Both of these funds have their advantages and disadvantages. But it is upon you as which form of investment you wish to make. However, it would help if you kept in mind that mutual funds are subject to tax redemption, while dividend mutual funds are taxed differently.

Thus, it is totally upon your requirements as to which kind of investment you want. But if you need money, then a dividend mutual fund is a better option for you. Thus, we hope that you found all the required information on the mutual fund growth dividend.

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