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Using piggy banks, you can teach them the concept of the bank, wherein they will deposit their money in their piggy bank given by elders on occasions and use them whenever needed. To teach them more about bank concepts, you can further add money to teach them the concept of interest in banks. Having a piggy bank for a child not only teaches them the value of money but also makes them responsible for making their own money, saving it, and using them wisely. 

A faceless coin saver that will be the best birthday present for your child. This is a two-in-one kind of a toy, which is a doll and also a Coinsaver. So let me tell you about this faceless Coin Saver in this article, which is going to be your child’s favorite toy. 

Faceless Coin saver

A coin saver is a perfect gift you can give to your child when they are still in learning age to make them understand many important things that are going to help them in the long run. This faceless Coin Saver is made up of plastic, and it has music for entertainment too. You can ask your little one to help you in the kitchen or with small errands around the house like bringing a newspaper in the morning, filling a water bottle timely, watching their plate after a meal, etc., and for this, you can give them money. With this small trick, you will teach them two things at once, first, helping people around the house, and second, how money is earned and saved. After a point when they have enough money stored in their piggy banks, let them use it wherever they want to use it. It could be a toy, a food item, any video game, or whatever they like. 

This is also going to benefit parents because many times you have loose change that you leave on the table, dressed or in a blow. You can give it to them when they do something good, and your money will be in a better-organized place than a blow or dressing table. 


  • Model Number: No-face Piggy Bank Toy
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Doll
  • Size: 8.5×15.5×11.5cm
  • Weight: 455g approximately


  • Faceless Coin Saver is made from ABS material. 
  • Coin saver is the perfect gift for your children. 
  • You can teach your child about earning and saving money. 
  • It has a music system in it for entertainment. 
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  • While shopping online, maybe you receive a damaged product, you should read the terms and conditions first. 
  • Your kid might keep it somewhere and then forget where they kept it. 


There are many coin savers in the market, but this one mentioned above is the best in all aspects. It is a piggy bank and music entertainer all together. Piggy banks haven’t changed from your childhood to your kid’s childhood. Having one for your child may bring back many nostalgic memories of your childhood.

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