The Stock Market Summary For Investors To Consider

stock market summary

By being aware of the various types of stocks available you can choose the ones that will provide you with the best profit potential. Simply noting down which industries and which major stocks are earning more profit each and every day can provide you with very effective stock tips to investigate further.

Reason For Success Of Investors

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One of the main reasons why many investors have seen great success is because of the stock market crisis that took place a few years ago. When the economic crisis began, there were many people who lost their jobs and saw their income drop drastically. Many other investors saw the same thing and made the decision to invest in companies that would help stabilize the economy. By purchasing stocks from companies like AT&T, Verizon, American Express and many others financial firms were able to increase the amount of money that they were willing to lend to American citizens. The following is a stock market summary of when the financial crisis took place and how it affected the overall economy.

Most of the people who experienced the economic crisis did not have any idea as to what exactly was happening within their own country. Within a short period of time it was obvious that the American economy suffered a huge blow. News spread quickly throughout the United States causing panic and many Americans bought up shares of large corporations in an effort to protect their wealth. The following is a stock market summary of the various factors that helped to cause the economic crisis in America.

Contribution To The Financial Crisis

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One of the biggest things that contributed to the financial crisis was the decreasing value of the American dollar. This happened because there was so much competition and low-quality goods were flooding the global market. As supply and demand forces became stronger, it became more difficult for companies to make profits. When a corporation becomes too big to handle, its stock price goes down to a point where the investors no longer want to buy them. The overall global stock market capitalization decreased by almost thirty-seven percent in a one month period.

Know More About The Economic Situation

The economic situation became even worse when President Obama decided to use his stimulus plan to bail out major financial institutions. Stimulus money became popular and started to get passed to businesses all over the country. When this occurred, more companies were allowed to participate in the stock markets, thus increasing the global stock markets. When the Federal Reserve flooded the markets with money, it created more demand for the American dollar and the overall American economy began to recover.


When we take a look at the stock markets over a one month period, we see that there are some trends that reveal themselves. For example, the US stock exchanges saw a drop in market capitalization over the course of January. Although this may seem like bad news, we should take a moment and consider the fact that this drop was largely due to the ending of the holiday season. In fact, December was actually a much stronger month than January. Therefore, we can conclude that although there may be some concerns with the economy, the US stock exchanges should rebound over the coming months.

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