Top Facts About Passive Income For Designers

passive income for designers

Passive income is nothing but a type of a beginning investment and investment can be anything be it your time, your money or even your efforts. The perfect saying is suitable here which is you should work smarter and not harder. Your every move should be a smarter one.

Some of the important strategies to show how designer practitioners are earning more through the other sources except their daily work.

1. Design and sell templates

a design template

This is the most used and liked strategy which is truly liked by designers as they give an advantage to them. If you are a designer you must go for this strategy for sure. The templates which are used around the globe are mockups, presentations, website layouts, resumes and business cards etc. Other than these there are lots and lots of types of templates that are used by designers. So after creating templates you can too upload them on various sites and even sell them on various marketplaces for example Shutterstock, creative markets and earn your passive income.

2. Starting Selling of merchandise 

A close up items

The strategy of selling merchandise is another very good strategy of passive income. In today’s world, on-demand services make merchandise easier. Merch is also being designed during this strategy. If you have a great audience you can sell your merch by being a designer. Before doing any kind of marketing online you must check yours properly.

3. Your great expertise should be shared 

A designer is having great knowledge that can be shared. So knowledge shared by experienced designers can help new designers for earning the flow of money. You can give them knowledge through many methods for example classes of mentorship, workshops, online sessions, books etc. But you will have to take some time in creating this, but once it’s done, it will provide cash flow info on the work.

4. Selling of designed assets and tools

Are you interested in making your tools and that too designed one? There are many ways of designing your tools by experimenting with other resources. Assets can be like UI kits, textures, fonts, grids, brushes etc. If you are interested in selling any types of assets, so you guys have to keep in mind a few things that you should market with great efficiency. You can even show the design of your tools and assets to make the buyers excited.

5. Creation of a Patreon

It can create a highly extra earning source platform or you can say a strategy. It even creates a service for an inflow of cash. If you create your content, you must try this strategy once. It increases your extra income.


It’s great to be a designer and earn through passive income and try these strategies which help one do that.

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