What Is The Future Of Stock Market In World

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The stock market is the future of investment, but sometimes every guy has a question about how the stock market will become in the future. According to the time, the stock market has grown with immense speed, and the stock market has changed a lot. Earlier in 1980, the stock market buildings were rushed with people standing outside the building. There were no tv screens and technology to showcase the rates of stock and other information, so people working inside used microphones to tell everything. The crowd was so big that most of them could not hear the rates, so people used to tell each other. People used to know about stock in wall street journals and newspapers as the internet was not in existence and few people have a television in their homes. Firms’ business was done on paper, and information was passed on to brokers in code languages and signs through telephones. The market centers were growing immensely; people used to stand in lines early in the morning, which was a struggle for old investors. Therefore, if you like to research and study the stock market, want to know its past and changes this market has been through. Then read our article about the future of the stock market in the world, and you will get some of your answers or get some insights on working of the stock market.

History Of Stock Market

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Earlier, there was no technology, so people used to do business through pen and paper or telephones in code languages. There were 60 trade centers in 1985, and after that, the stock market centers did not grow much. 1n 1986, computers were introduced in the stock market, and brokers could efficiently work on computers and interact with investors. Through the introduction of the computer, new rules passed on the abolition of traditional floor brokers. In 2000 the US stock market was entirely computerized, the internet came into the role, and everything became more accessible. The technology kept growing, and people started investing through their computers and laptops and now through their phones.

Role Of Market Makers; Future Of Stock Market

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Investors or market makers nowadays have become smart as they get all information over the internet. The stock market has become more dynamic and unpredictable due to new market investors. People have started taking classes to understand the algorithm of the market and predict the future of the market. Various sites on the internet help predict the future of the market and assist the investors in making correct investments.

Digital Currency; Future Of Stock Market

The role of digital currency has changed the future of the stock market, and people have started investing and using digital currency. Digital currency will be spread vastly among users, and it will affect the stock market immensely. The control of the stock market will end up in the hands of big banks and financial institutes.


The stock market’s future is still unpredictable, and the technology change can increase or decrease the stock market’s growth, which no one can predict.

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